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Who Are We?

Fast Cash Pawnbrokers is a two-store company serving Baltimore, Annapolis and the surrounding area with reliable and competitive financial services and fine sales values. Pawnshops have traditionally offered cash loans and bargains on fine quality merchandise. Fast Cash Pawnbrokers is known to their many customers as a jewelry store, an electronics store, a music store and a finance company to name just a few. At any given time you can find wonderful merchandise from major manufacturers. In our large jewelry selection you'll find diamonds and other precious stones in all sizes and settings including rings, earrings, pendants, watches and bracelets. Electronics, sporting goods, tools, and musical instruments are always available at bargain prices. The selection is so good here that this should be your first stop when looking for that special gift!!

What Is a Pawn?

The simple answer is that a pawn is money advanced against collateral. Collateral is property you own that you promise in exchange for the use of the money you receive. You have probably already experienced this kind of financial transaction. A car loan and a house mortgage are examples of money advanced against collateral. Different jurisdictions treat pawns in different ways. In some places, it is considered a conditional sale. You sell your interest in the property with a guaranteed right to repurchase that same property within a specified period of time at a set price. In other jurisdictions a pawn is treated as a loan. From your point of view, there is no meaningful difference. In each case you can retrieve your property upon payment of the agreed fees within the specified time.

Why Would I Want To Do That?

Again, the answer is pretty simple. You may need quick access to more cash than you have at your immediate disposal. Perhaps you want to take advantage of a great bargain, or maybe you need to pay an emergency medical bill. You don't want to have to sell something you really want - especially at "distress sale" prices - but you must act right away. A pawn is the perfect solution. You get the money you need immediately! You post your property as a guarantee that you will repay the money and fees. You still have a right to the property. You don't have to sacrifice something you value.